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PACS Workshops

Tree of Life Zimbabwe community PACS workshops have created a healthy and safe space for communities to have meaningful dialogues regarding those areas that cause stress and trauma in their communities, as well as identify ways in which to cope as a family, community and as individuals.

The PACS workshop aims to enable participants to:

  • identify ways of maintaining physical, psychological and emotional health at individual, family and community level.
  • gain knowledge about the persistent effects of trauma and stress.
  • help survivors better understand their own stress responses, and knowledge of coping strategies which provide a sense of control over these responses and reinforce own strengths, resources and coping skills.
  • enhance and strengthen social support and resilience at family and community level.

A complete PACS workshop includes the following workshop sessions/circles:

  1. Workshop Introduction
  2. Health
  3. Trauma
  4. Effects and consequences of trauma
  5. Coping and failure to cope
  6. Self-Care
  7. Helping others
  8. Building resilience and hope for the future

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