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Links to articles on Tree of Life

2012 TOL/CVT Journal Article “Community intervention during ongoing political violence: What is possible? What works?” link: http://psycnet.apa.org/journals/pac/19/2/196/

2009 RAU article “The Tree of Life: a community approach to empowering and healing the survivors of torture in Zimbabwe” http://researchandadvocacyunit.org/publication/tree-life-2

2016 Journal Article by Dumie Ngwenya "Our Branches Are Broken:" Using the Tree Of Life Healing Methodology with Victims of Gukurahundi in Matebeleland, Zimbabwe.” http://nsuworks.nova.edu/pcs/vol23/iss1/2/

2010 Journal Article by Sara Templer “Integrity of Process: How Tree of Life Is Taking Root in Zimbabwe” http://www.apcj.upeace.org/issues/APCJ_Dec2010_Vol3_Num2.pdf

2010 Journal Article by Andrew Iliff “Root and Branch, Tree of Life: Sowing the Seeds of Grassroots Transitional Justice.”

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  • prayer to victims of torture, 26 June
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