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General Data

Graph 1: Comparison of participation by men and women over the last 5 years

The graph below reflects the percentage of participation by men and women respectively, in the Tree of Life Healing and Empowerment workshops, from 2013 to 2017.

Percentage participation by men and women


Age Analysis

In 2014, 39% of participants were under 35 years old, while 61% were 35 or older.

In 2015, 616 participants (37%) were under 35 years, while 1039 (63%) were 35 years and above.

In 2016, 511 participants (41%) were under 35 years, while 745 (59%) were 35 years old and above.

In 2017, the youngest participant was 15 years old, the eldest was 89 years old, while the median age was 38.


Graph 2: Comparison of Ages over the last 4 years, being Under 35 or 35 and above

Age Analysis - under 35 or 35 and above



Tree of Life has an ethical duty to follow up healing and empowerment workshop participants, to check on how they are doing and to see if they have improved or are in need of further attention. These follow-ups are usually done 3 months after the healing workshops. Those in need of further support are either helped in-house or are referred to other professionals. While informal follow-ups happen continually, the formal follow-up is done by the administration of a post SRQ20 interview. This score is then compared with the clients SRQ20 score prior to going through the healing workshop.


Graph 3: Comparison of follow-up rates from 2013 - 2017

Followup Rates


Follow-Up Rates

Of 1655 participants who attended healing workshops in 2015, 1329 people were followed-up, being a rate of 80%.

This compares to a rate of 78% in 2014 where 1776 out of 2261 people were followed-up. In 2013 the follow-up rate was much lower at 44%, where 1147 out of 2616 people were followed-up.


Graph 4: Sexual Assault

The graph below reflects the percentages of male and female Tree of Life participants who reported political sexual abuse. The cases of men reporting have increased to 6% in 2017, up from less than 1% in 2014.

Followup Rates

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