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PACS Training

Tree of Life Zimbabwe offers PACS training to both Civil Society Organisations (CSO’s) and Community-based Organsations (CBO’s). Candidates must have experienced the PACS process prior to being trained.

One of our main goals is to create groups of CSO’s and CBO’s, able to conduct the PACS workshops on their own.

As Tree of Life funds are dedicated to grassroots communities, CSO partners wishing to be trained in PACS will need to source their own funding for the entire process. This will include the initial PACS workshop, 2 x PACS training installments and at least 2 x supervised PACS workshops in their partnering communities.

For CBO’s, potential trainee candidates are identified by the existing Big Tree community-based teams and are then assessed for suitability by the Small Tree Mentors. They too will undergo two PACS training installments and a series of supervised PACS community workshops. Once a trainee has co-facilitated a certain number of PACS workshops with the required level of skill and accuracy, they will graduate as a PACS Facilitator.

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