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November 2008 What outrage? as you watch your much loved children starving as your family is beaten and killed What outrage? as there is no seed for this years planting as the schools are closed because the teachers are not being paid or there is no phone or electricity or water
Sowing Seeds – Chimanimani
June 2009: It is the dry season the time of seed bearing when pod-laden trees rustle in cold northern winds singing the potential of new life to the clear blue winter skies The tree of life team were invited to a far corner on the eastern border mountains of Zimbabwe where a chief and the people of his clan live on the steep sides of a fertile valley the mountain that holds the graves of 4 generations of chiefs the people of the Flying Ant totem - **** The place of an ancient mountain crossing a path where ‘one-by-one’ people journey back and forth to Mozambique -for ancient paths pay little respect to political boundaries.
Growing Roots
December 2012 The Tree of Life had its last partners meeting of 2012. Representatives came from each of our 15 different community partners from neighboring ** and **, and as far as **, ** and ** over 60 old friends meeting from across the country after a years of dedicated work gay colours and gay voices echo through the trees...
The Spiral
August  2010   Once more we travel the spiral.   Once more, it is the dry season beige grasses laid to waste on pink soils dust and gold leaves drifting in gusts of wind   Tree of Life members from the communities and organizations meet at K***** to reflect on our journey It has been a long hard walk ‘where have we been?’ ‘where are we going?’
A Small Thread
12th July 2004 There have been a number of requests for people to tell the human stories of our lives. The stories that move and inspire us .... I have been sitting with this thought, and have found myself unequal to the task. For the tapestry is weaving itself so fast I find myself hardly able to follow the threads.......... For how do you tell one story?
1st November 2010   The language of fear once again echoes through our lives new elections   the shadow of violence creates once again, separation in our midst intimidation young boys with large guns training on the streets the threat is wherever we give it room to shake our trust
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